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Friday, September 26, 2014

On the road again

Note to self: do not retire after 37 years and start on a big motor home trip the next morning!

And yet, why not?? After an emotional last day,  Ron and I headed to Nina to learn how to use our camera system (see photo above). We thought all was well, so we headed off to dinner with   Paulie and Bob to celebrate my retirement at Amarone's.  Still not having packed, or shopped for food, we headed home and optimistically thought we could get ready and head out by 9:30 am.
Ok, so we didn't leave until 1:30!  First, we forgot the grill and portable heater, which Bob and Paulie retrieved for us.  So,when we were only 30 minutes from Sandusky and the camera stopped working. it was a bit discouraging.  After an hour at a truck stop, we had it going again. By 3, however,  it needed a duct tape fix. That lasted about10 minutes. 
By 8 pm we were near South Haven, Mi and stopped to spend the night at a really super RV RESORT. I know, I know,that seems like an oxymoron. We dined on hummus and chips and hit the sack.

Instead of leaving at 9am as planned, I took the camera apart and got it working. Voila, off we went. Marilyn, by the way, was a MODEL pet, no barking, lots of snoozing, and quite a sport about it all.

So,  two hours later,we headed toward Petosky, and, taking a short cut, arrived in time to pick up a rental car at 5. Champagne and salad served us well for dinner number two. Oh, and Swedish rice pudding made by Janet was our most excellent dessert!  

Our pet sitter,Jim Kelley, was derailed by his defibrillator going off this evening!!!! and so, once again, Paulie stepped in and stayed with Kate and Jack for the second night.  

Tomorrow, we're heading for the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island-weather is great and we're looking forward to the ferry ride.. Ron has his coat and tie in order to get  into the lobby, ...somewhere in time.... more later.