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Sunday, June 1, 2014

GottaGetaway proved to be a great second home!

Finally! Time to relax a bit after several weekends of work around the house. First there was getting the attic squared away for the a/c install of our second floor.

This might seem like no big deal to a minimalist. However, to a keeper of gargantuan  proportions, it was a monumental effort, requiring 3 weekends of pitching, hauling, reorganizing, and so on. I packed, and Ron hauled big bags down to either be tossed, given to charity, or stored elsewhere.

Next on the agenda was a fall and spring cleanup of the yard. Both being non-gardeners by choice, it was a sobering effort to prune, rake, rejuvenate grass, weed and mulch garden beds, clean porches, and finally place our porch furniture, front and back!

In between these two projects, I announced my retirement plans after 37 years as director of Sandusky Library. Harder than you can possibly imagine, I decided it was time to take a big risk and let my passion go. This, is, of course, where the rv camping comes into play.

Already, in just 4 short weeks, we've observed the family maturing at the campground pond, and it reminds us that time is fleeting. Time to move on, grow, explore, and take some adventures before it's too late to do so.

This week is our 26th anniversary and my 60th birthday. We're getting ready to learn how to hit the road with a tow vehicle, getting some excellent advice from campers we met this weekend, Janet Ritchey and her husband, Dave.  Currently on their second cross country, 4 month adventure, we learned as much as we could about how to hit the road for a coast to coast trip. Jane and Dave live on the Olympia peninsula outside of Seattle. Both retired, they scaled back to a 900 sq foot abode, have a sailboat and a camper and travel in their Class C SunSeeker with their 3 lb. toy poodle, Mack.

They wisely suggested we try a few mini trips before attempting a cross country trip! We also  learned it's not all sweetness and light out there on the open road. Everything from bears to modern bandits are common encounters. gulp.  Guess we'll keep enjoying our GottaGetaway home away from home for another summer before we head for the open road.

BFF, Paulette and husband Bob are game companions in our joint adventures. With 4 poodles, a golden retriever, and a Miniature Schnauzer, we will be noticed wherever we roam!