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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Two Rvs, 6 dogs, and 4 happy campers

 Bob and Paulette finally decided to join us in the RV lifestyle1 They purchased a similar Class C motor home last week and we headed for a nearby state park to celebrate their purchase. Above, Ron and I explain the finer points of RV living… the "black" water tanks!
 We brought Marilyn (on the left) and Jack (in the driver's seat) along with Kate, too.
 Not to be left out, Riley enjoyed the outing, along with standard poodles, Sam and Prince.
 Paulie has obviously been a camper in years past. She embraced the adventure with smiles, and "Big Red" her massive parka.

 East Harbor State Park, located on the Marblehead Pennisula (Ohio) is only 20 minutes from home. First a farm of the Lockwoods, the property was purchased by the State of Ohio when the farm failed during the Great Depression. The Lockwoods first resided on the property in the 1830. In fact, Mr. Lockwood and family discovered gypsum in the area and started the industry of mining gypsum, ultimately residing in the town of Gypsum, Ohio, where Ron grew up. His dad worked for U.S. Gypsum for more than 30 years and Ron remembers a Lockwood mansion located in the area.
 "Annie" and "Nina" got to know each other on two consecutive weekends. On our first night, we ate outside and it was so cold that hail was included on our dinner plates…as a condiment.

 The rather brisk weather made campfires more than just festive. We were cozy with dogs and electric heaters inside the campers, however, so, all was well.
 Bob thoughtfully brought wind chimes for the 50 mph wind gusts so that we could enjoy the impromptu concert.
Located on Lake Erie, we discovered deer, skunks, swans, and geese as our only companions.

Having started our camping adventure at the end of May, I will have to say that November camping is by far the best! We have the campgrounds to ourselves, the scenery is awesome, and we've already decided to spend Thanksgiving Day "boon docking" at whatever state park is still open in Ohio.