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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

It is somehow fitting that this last entry of 2012 involves a trip to the emergency vet clinic. This time, it is a run for Paulette's standard poodle, Sam. I am sure the outcome will be a good one. We are becoming familiar with signs of bloat and this trip is in anticipation of warding off an episode.
 Both Sam and Jack are scheduled for stomach tacking on Thursday because of the family line of bloat established by deaths of  Beau (Jack's brother) and Louie (Sam's brother) in which both dogs have a  70% increase in risk due to family history. 

We were planning to have a picnic of sorts tonight. The Weber Grill needs to be dusted off a bit first. Ron is ready to cook hotdogs (vegan-style for Bob, Paulette and me) and hamburgers (beef for Ron) and two styles of potato salad (vegan and regular) plus baked beans, salad and champagne. We'll see how long the vet visit takes first as the emergency clinic is an hour from here.
I read that the common resolutions at this time of year are for losing weight, getting organized, getting fit, spending less and taking life a bit easier. These all sound good to me.Last yearI had to add wear a seatbelt at all times to my list of resolutions. The year before that, I added remember everyone's birthdays on time. But the rest of the list stands the same. I think if I take life a bit easier, the other items will fall into place.
I've enjoyed my sharing adventures with Kate, Jack, Louie, Allie with all of you this year. I am thinking about expanding the blog to include more of my fiber interests and try add some features such as sound, video and other nuances. Thanks for reading! Happy New Year to all of you!